Saturday, November 15, 2008

Destination Wedding Guest Book Ideas

The other day I had this cute idea, and maybe it's been done before, but Im going to share it anyway.

For a destination wedding, why not find some vintage postcards from your wedding location? Address and stamp them to yourself, have your guests write notes on them, and get a vintage mailbox to collect the cards in. Before leaving your destination, mail the postcards to your home so when you get there you can read through all the fond memories your guests had from your trip together and have them all postmarked from your destination.

I've yet to think about how to display them once you get home but Im sure there are many creative ways to do so and will update once I think of them.

For another guest book idea, take a peek at this accordion fold guest book I put together for a couple who were married in Playa del Carmen, MX.

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