Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I won!

Let me start by saying the only time I've ever been fortunate to win anything in my life was 2 years ago when I won $1,200 on a penny machine in vegas. That doesn't count the time when I called a radio station to win tickets to a Michael Jackson concert and they actually picked up, I got nervous and hung up on them. 

Anyhow, Im so excited because I just found out I won a contest on weddingbee for my Save the Dates!!! I won a $40 gift certificate to MyPublisher Photobook along with some very nice compliments and a request to feature my STDs on Wedding for Two! My fingers are crossed to win the Martha Stewart DIY Wedding Contest...who doesn't want to be featured on the Martha Stewart Show? I just hope my invitations are as much of a hit...Im SUPER excited about them.
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cheapblueguitar said...

Feature your STDs? They have shots for some of that you know. ;)

Congratulations on winning!

Armada Volya said...

Congratulation and I hope you keep on winning. You know get biwinning and all